Why is Planned Maintenance important?

If your equipment is not properly maintained, you can incur unnecessary and costly repairs, plus unexpected down time. We have extensive knowledge and experience to do a quality planned maintenance inspection to provide you with a detailed report of any issues your equipment may have. We can get you a quote for any needed repairs the same day eliminating the hassle of any unnecessary wait time and possibly preventing any surprise breakdowns. Our technicians are experienced with all types of equipment including propane, gas, diesel, and electric. We also have very competitive rates. Don’t take a chance on costly repairs. Call us today!
We perform the following on all PM’s:

Operational checks

We do a thorough check which includes checking switches, hydraulic control functions, hour meter, lights, safety alarms, seat belt, parking brake, unusual noises, and much more. We verify that your equipment is operating normally and there are no hidden issues.

Visual inspection

Our comprehensive visual inspection looks for any fluid leaks, issues in steering, visible damage, general reliability and more.

Electrical Services

We do a thorough inspection of the condition of the wiring and connections, battery condition and voltage drops, grounding issues, contractors and tip condition, switches, etc. We also use compressed air to clean out electrical compartments and other areas of your equipment. We have detailed inspection forms that we follow tailored for your specific type of unit.


Change oil and oil filter, check air filter, inspect fan belt and adjust, clean engine and radiator with compressed air, check all fluids and top off, inspect motor mounts and much more.


Proper lubrication of your equipment extends the life of the moving components. We lubricate mast channels, zerk fittings, lift chains, and all necessary components!

Need a Service Technician?

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Forklift Services With Measurable Performance

RFS assures excellent forklift services for each of our customers, with the most extensive factory support in the industry. This allows us to diligently and routinely monitor our performance to ensure you receive the best service with the best parts in a timely manner. We understand that downtime costs your company money so we work hard to ensure the fastest response time in the industry with a reliable call center and GPS-tracked service vans. Several key business measurements have been established to guide RFS’s system of performance.

Trust Your Lift Truck Repair to Your Local Experts

We know that uptime is your priority, and forklift repair costs your business more than just time and materials. RFS technicians bring expertise and dependability to your lift truck repair and maintenance efforts. We invest in the latest technology and technician training to Monitor service call response times, Track first-call ratio.